Minnesota DUI Penalties | Consequences of Drunk Driving in Minnesota : Jail Time, Fines, License Suspension

First Minnesota DUI ("Fourth Degree DWI"): 

  • Imprisonment: Up to 90 days
  • Fine: $1,000
  • Administrative License Revocation (ALR): 30 - 90 days

Third Degree DWI:

  • Second Minnesota DUI Within 10 years or First DWI with Test Refusal or Aggravating Factor
  • Imprisonment: Up to 1 year
  • Fine: $3,000
  • Administrative License Revocation (ALR): 180 days

Second Degree DWI:

  • Third impaired driving violation within 10 years or Second violation with test refusal or one other aggravating factor, or First DWI violation with two aggravating factors
  • Imprisonment: Up to 1 year
  • Fine: $3,000
  • Administrative License Revocation (ALR): 180 days; if third DWI within 10 years: Cancelled and denied indefinitely as inimical to public safety

First Degree DWI (Felony):

  • Fourth impaired driving violation within 10 years or Any DWI following a previous felony DWI or criminal vehicular operation conviction.  
  • Imprisonment: Up to 7 years
  • Dines: $14,000

Minnesota DWI Aggravating Factors:

Alcohol concentration of .20% BAC or more The presence of a child under age 16 in the vehicle A qualified prior impaired driving incident within the preceeding 10 years

Minnesota DUI Laws - Relevant Statutes

Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 169A Driving While Impaired


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