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Duluth DWI attorneys are trained to give you the best chances of fighting your DUI or DWI charge. You are entitled to a defense under the law. You may be able to avoid the harsh consequences of a DUI or DWI: jail time, loss of license, steep fines, increased insurance cost, etc. Under the law, you are afforded the right of a defense, and you are always innocent until proven guilty. Before you give up and face the hardships that accompany a drunk driving offense, learn about your rights by contacting an experienced Duluth DUI attorney. Initial consultations are no cost to you.

Is it worth it to hire a DWI defense lawyer? Yes! You cannot afford to go without a DUI lawyer! The cost of acriminal conviction for DUI DWI in Minnesota is extreme. For example: thousands in fines, loss of license, jail time, and mandatory SR22 car insurance are all potential and likely penalties for DUI in Minnesota.

Do not lose hope. Duluth DUI lawyers can help even those who have strong cases built against them.

If you plead guilty without giving up a fight at all, you will automatically incur the minimum fine or jail sentence or both. You automatically give up your right to defend yourself. The evidence against you can be filled with holes even though police may tell you otherwise. As is the case with allegedly ironclad blood alcohol tests, field sobriety tests, and breathalyzer exams, evidence garnered against a person charged with drunk driving can be checkered with flaws. For example, many of these tests are administered improperly, or they may have been administered illegally at the time of your arrest.

DUI Duluth Attorneys: The Advantage Can be Yours

A DUI arrest and conviction can change your life. It is common to worry about whether you will be able to drive, or how you will get to work, or for some, whether you will be fired from your job if convicted for a DUI. The challenges that accompany dealing with the legal system in the face of DUI charges are often very complex, and consequences are substantial. Protect yourself the best you can by hiring a local Duluth DUI attorney to represent you in court and to negotiate with the prosecutor’s office on your behalf. Your local attorney likely has experience in the court system in which you are being charged. This familiarity with your court can be critical to getting you acquitted or having the charges reduced against you.

Under 21 and arrested for DWI in Minnesota?

Duluth DWI defense lawyers – Duluth DUI defense lawyers

A conviction for DWI in Minnesota against a minor can be devastating. Often, minors are unfairly targeted. There are also special rules that apply to underage drivers. A conviction for underage drunk driving is costly for the whole family. Minors have their entire life ahead of them – a DUI DWI conviction can negatively impact you in ways beyond criminal fines and jail time, like: job prospects, school entrance, social life, and insurance, just to name a few. Do not wait. Get the help you need today and contact a local Duluth defense lawyer. Duluth DWI defense attorneys on this website provide initial consultations for free.

What does an experienced Duluth defense lawyer do?

A local Duluth defense attorney is usually experienced in many different arenas of criminal defense. These attorneys are often referred to by multiple names: Duluth misdemeanor DWI attorney, Duluth felony DUI attorney, Suspended License Attorney, Duluth criminal defense attorney, and even Duluth license suspension hearing attorney.

Duluth DUI defense attorneys may assist you:


Get out of jail
Defend you in court
Appear at a Minnesota license suspension hearing
Protect your rights
Challenge sobriety tests
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Negotiate a plea deal
Seal your record
Hire an investigator
Suppress test results
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Suppress illegal evidence
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Appear at a Minnesota license revocation hearing
Challenge a blood test


Costs of Retaining an Attorney: Duluth DUI attorneys – how expensive are they?

Factors: The specific facts of your case and the attorney you choose are the two factors that ultimately determine how much your DUI lawyer in Duluth will cost you. Defense attorneys are almost always a wise investment: don’t be fooled, a drunk driving criminal record is far more expensive than the expense of any Duluth defense lawyer.

Fee Structure: In some cases, your attorney may take your case for a flat fee. Most attorneys charge an hourly rate ranging between $100 and $500 per hour. As you can see, rates can vary widely. However, an hourly rate does not always reveal whether the final bill will necessarily be higher by working with an attorney who charges a higher rate. Do not hesitate to ask your attorney for an estimate of the total expenses that you will have to pay. This kind of communication is important for putting you and your attorney on the right page from the very beginning. If possible, get your estimate in writing.

Your Case: Is my case more expensive than the typical case? Of course, that will depend on how involved your case is – in other words: the amount of time your attorney will need to devote to your case directly correlates to your legal costs. This can occur, for example, when you need to appeal a decision, or if your case requires the use of expert witnesses, just to name a few. Be sure that you maximize the time with your attorney that is routine: do not be late for meetings, be concise and think about the facts of your case before you meet with your attorney, and always tell the truth about your circumstances and the facts of your dui case.

Fees versus Expenses: Be sure to ask your lawyer if his or her fees include “expenses” like court costs and expert witnesses. In many cases a lawyer’s fees to do not include these things – which is quite customary depending on your case.


Bail Bonding Companies in Duluth, Minnesota

Absolute Bail Bonds
1309 Kenwood Avenue
Duluth, Minnesota 55811
(218) 722-7060

Cassandra Services Inc.
222 North Hawthorne Road
Duluth, Minnesota 55812
(218) 724-5000
Ability Bail Bonds
4300 Haines Road
Duluth, Minnesota 55811
(218) 625-2075

AAA Discount Bail Bonds
4431 Regent Street
Duluth, Minnesota 55804
(218) 525-8182


Traffic Court in St. Louis County, Minnesota

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

St. Louis County District Court - Duluth
100 North 5th Avenue W
Duluth, Minnesota 55802
(218) 726-2460


Criminal Court in St. Louis County, Minnesota

District Courts have general jurisdiction over all criminal cases, including domestic relations and traffic offenses/infractions.

St. Louis County District Court - Duluth
100 North 5th Avenue W
Duluth, Minnesota 55802
(218) 726-2460






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