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Been arrested for DUI or DWI in Minneapolis Minnesota? You have rights. Speak with an experienced Minneapolis DWI lawyer to learn more. Those who are arrested for DUI &DWI face potential jail time, fines, and a criminal record, just to name a few. Many people needlessly plead guilty hoping for some leniency from the judge. Often, an experienced Minneapolis DUI attorney can help you obtain a better result: potentially saving you time, money, your freedom, not to mention your reputation in the community. The consequences of not hiring a qualified Minneapolis DUI lawyer are too high. Everyone has a right to defend themselves until proven guilty. Contact a serious Minneapolis DUI DWI attorney by filling out the questionnaire on the left.

A DUI or DWI criminal history carries with it expenses that truly last. The direct and indirect penalties for DUI are stiff: you not only face jail time and fines, but you will probably be dropped by your insurance carrier, face higher insurance rates, and have to purchase SR22 insurance.

Pleading guilty may not be your best move – even if you think the case against you is strong. Minneapolis DUI lawyers can help.

A judge will automatically give you the minimum sentence or fine if you plead guilty to violating drunk driving laws in Minnesota – and that is if you are lucky. It makes little sense to agree to a criminal record and the drunk driving penalties in Minnesota without a fight. By not pleading guilty right away, you preserve your right to defend yourself. You may be worried that the evidence against you will be difficult to overcome – but you should know that even strong evidence may be rebutted in a court of law. Skilled Minneapolis DWI attorneys can challenge the validity of test results and the reliability of test methods that are supposed to determine whether a driver is intoxicated.

Minneapolis Police and the Minneapolis Court System Are Against You – Do not forget to get a local Minneapolis DUI lawyer to help you fight back

If you feel lost in the legal process, you are not alone. The local court system is anything but easy to work with because the whole judicial system is stacked against those who face drunk driving charges. Protect yourself the best you can by hiring a local Minneapolis DUI attorney to represent you in court and to negotiate with the prosecutor’s office on your behalf. A local Minneapolis DWI lawyer or Local Minneapolis DUI lawyer can walk you through the local court system – he or she can show you the ropes and can offer you the advantage of having experience working in the local court system – likely in front of the same judge, or maybe even with the same prosecutor who has been assigned to your case. Do not leave anything to chance when your freedom is on the line.

Need an experienced Minneapolis DWI defense lawyer to represent your minor?

Under 21 and charged? Minneapolis DUI defense lawyers can help

DUI laws for Minors are tough. It is no secret that underage drivers face an uphill battle if arrested for DUI DWI in Minnesota. Minors are too young to face the societal impediments placed on them by a drunk driving charge. The consequences of pleading guilty, unfortunately, can hold a good kid back – all because of one bad decision. By meeting with an experienced Minneapolis DWI lawyer, you have nothing to lose. A local Minneapolis defense lawyer can help you. Fill out the form today, you have everything to gain. All Minneapolis DWI defense attorneys on this site provide free initial consultations.

What does an experienced Minneapolis defense lawyer do?

Usually, Minneapolis defense attorneys can help their clients in a variety of criminal matters. These attorneys, who are often very versatile, are called by a number of titles, such as: Minneapolis misdemeanor DUI attorney, Minneapolis felony DWI attorney, Suspended License Attorney, Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, and even Minneapolis license suspension hearing attorney.

Minneapolis DWI defense attorneys may help with the following:


Secure Bail / Post Bail
Get out of jail
Defend you in court
Appear at a Minnesota license revocation hearing
Suppress illegal evidence
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Hire an investigator
Negotiate a plea deal
Challenge a blood test
Protect your rights
Seal your record
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Appear at a Minnesota license suspension hearing
Challenge sobriety tests
Suppress test results


DUI attorneys in Minneapolis, Minnesota probably do not cost as much as you might believe

Factors: This section provides you with some helpful tips for controlling or at least understanding the cost of your dui legal representation. The two most important factors are: (1) the facts of your case, and (2) the hourly rate your Minneapolis dui attorney charges. Keep in mind that a defense lawyer is a very wise investment – potentially saving you the costs associated with a DUI conviction.

Fee Structure: Minneapolis DUI attorneys can charge anywhere between $100 per hour up to and above $500 per hour. Depending on your case, your attorney may represent you for a flat fee. Do not hesitate to ask your attorney for an estimate of the total expenses that you will have to pay. This kind of communication is important for putting you and your attorney on the right page from the very beginning. If possible, get your estimate in writing.

Your Case: The particulars of your arrest, and your criminal background can play a substantial role when it comes to determining how much time it will take to handle your case. If you have many prior arrests for drunk driving, it may be very difficult to negotiate a favorable plea deal on your behalf. If you were illegally stopped, or if faulty tests were performed on you to determine your BAC at the time of your arrest, then your Minneapolis DUI lawyer may have to challenge these issues in court.

Fees versus Expenses: Please note that attorneys usually charge an additional fee for “expenses” for court costs and things like expert witnesses.


Bail Bonding Companies in and near Minneapolis, Minnesota

Allstate Bail Bonding Co.
444 South 4th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55415
(612) 333-3371

Absolute Bail Bonds
444 South 8th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55404
(612) 333-3030

Guaranteed Freedom Bail Bonds
400 South 4th Street 280n
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55401
(612) 746-4649
Ability Bail Bonds
322 3rd Street S
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55415
(612) 353-3330

Goldberg Bail Bonds
316 S 4th Street
Hastings, Minnesota  55033
(651) 455-3633

Ability Bail Bonds
322 3rd Street S
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55415
(507) 923-4066


Traffic Court in Hennepin County, Minnesota

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

Hennepin County District Court
300 South 6th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55487
(612) 348-6000


Criminal Court in Hennepin County, Minnesota

District Courts have general jurisdiction over all criminal cases, including domestic relations and traffic offenses/infractions.

Hennepin County District Court
300 South 6th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55487
(612) 348-6000







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