§ 813.450 Refusal or failure of breath test, appeals from suspension

813.450. Refusal or failure of breath test, appeals from suspension

    (1) The petition to the circuit court appealing an order of the Department of Transportation after a hearing under ORS 813.410 shall state the nature of the petitioner's interest and the ground or grounds upon which the petitioner contends the order should be reversed or remanded.

    (2) The court shall conduct the review without a jury. Review shall be limited to the record of the department's hearing.

    (3) Any party to the proceedings before the circuit court may appeal from the judgment of the court to the Court of Appeals.

    (4) Upon review in the circuit court and Court of Appeals, the court may affirm, reverse or remand the order as follows:

        (a) If the court finds that the department has erroneously interpreted a provision of law and that a correct interpretation compels a particular action, it shall:

            (A) Set aside or modify the order; or

            (B) Remand the case to the department for further action under a correct interpretation of the provision of law.

        (b) The court shall remand the order to the department if it finds the department's exercise of discretion to be any of the following:

            (A) Outside the range of discretion delegated to the agency by law.

            (B) Inconsistent with a department rule, an officially stated department position, or a prior department practice, if the inconsistency is not explained by the department.

            (C) Otherwise in violation of a constitutional or statutory provision.

        (c) The court shall set aside or remand the order if it finds that the order is not supported by substantial evidence in the record.

    (5) Upon review, the court shall affirm the department's order unless the court finds a ground for setting aside, modifying or remanding to the department under a specified provision of this section.

    (6) In any review under this section, the court shall also review de novo determinations made by an agency that are subject to ORS 183.650.