§ 4177H Certification and approval of devices

§ 4177H. Certification and approval of devices

    (a) The Division of Motor Vehicles shall adopt and publish rules setting forth the requirements for obtaining certification of an ignition interlock device. No ignition interlock device shall be certified unless it meets the requirements specified and published by the Division. Such requirements shall include provisions for setting a calibration range which complies with § 4177F of this title and any other applicable law; and which shall include, but not be limited to, specifications that the device:

        (1) Does not impede the safe operation of the vehicle;

        (2) Has features that make circumvention difficult, but which do not interfere with the normal use of the vehicle; and

        (3) Resists tampering, and shows evidence of tampering if tampering is attempted.

    (b) The cost of certification shall be borne by each manufacturer of an ignition interlock device who desires to have such device certified in this State.