§ 32-23-3 Punishment for second offense-Revocation of driving privilege-Jail sentence for driving while privilege revoked-Limited driving privilege for certain purposes

32-23-3. Punishment for second offense--Revocation of driving privilege--Jail sentence for driving while privilege revoked--Limited driving privilege for certain purposes

    If conviction for a violation of § 32-23-1 is for a second offense, such person is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor, and the court shall, in pronouncing sentence, unconditionally revoke the defendant's driving privilege for a period of not less than one year. However, upon the successful completion of a court-approved chemical dependency program, and proof of financial responsibility pursuant to § 32-35-113, the court may permit the person to drive for the purposes of employment, 24/7 sobriety testing, attendance at school, or attendance at counseling programs. If such person is convicted of driving without a license during that period, the person shall be sentenced to the county jail for not less than three days, which sentence may not be suspended.