§ 39-20-14 Screening tests

§ 39-20-14. Screening tests

    Any individual who operates a motor vehicle upon the public highways of this state is deemed to have given consent to submit to an onsite screening test or tests of the individual's breath for the purpose of estimating the alcohol concentration in the individual's breath upon the request of a law enforcement officer who has reason to believe that the individual committed a moving traffic violation or was involved in a traffic accident as a driver, and in conjunction with the violation or the accident the officer has, through the officer's observations, formulated an opinion that the individual's body contains alcohol. An individual may not be required to submit to a screening test or tests of breath while at a hospital as a patient if the medical practitioner in immediate charge of the individual's case is not first notified of the proposal to make the requirement, or objects to the test or tests on the ground that such would be prejudicial to the proper care or treatment of the patient. The screening test or tests must be performed by an enforcement officer certified as a chemical test operator by the director of the state crime laboratory or the director's designee and according to methods and with devices approved by the director of the state crime laboratory or the director's designee. The results of such screening test must be used only for determining whether or not a further test shall be given under the provisions of section 39-20-01. The officer shall inform the individual that refusal of the individual to submit to a screening test will result in a revocation for up to four years of that individual's driving privileges. If such individual refuses to submit to such screening test or tests, none may be given, but such refusal is sufficient cause to revoke such individual's license or permit to drive in the same manner as provided in section 39-20-04, and a hearing as provided in section 39-20-05 and a judicial review as provided in section 39-20-06 must be available. However, the director must not revoke an individual's driving privileges for refusing to submit to a screening test requested under this section if the individual provides a sufficient breath, blood, or urine sample for a chemical test requested under section 39-20-01 for the same incident. No provisions of this section may supersede any provisions of chapter 39-20, nor may any provision of chapter 39-20 be construed to supersede this section except as provided herein. For the purposes of this section, “chemical test operator” means an individual certified by the director of the state crime laboratory or the director's designee as qualified to perform analysis for alcohol in an individual's blood, breath, or urine.