§ 189A.020 Community labor program; terms and conditions

189A.020 Community labor program; terms and conditions

    All community labor shall be under the supervision of the court and subject to the following:

    (1) (a) No period of labor shall be less than four (4) hours to qualify for satisfaction of a sentence;

        (b) A “day” shall mean eight (8) hours of labor;

        (c) A “month” shall mean twenty (20) days of labor;

        (d) Periods of labor four (4) hours or longer may be cumulated to meet the requirements under this section;

    (2) Labor shall be done for public agencies, nonprofit corporations or eleemosynary institutions only;

    (3) Any agency for whom a person works shall agree to supervise such person and report to the court:

        (a) The hours worked,

        (b) The quality of the work,

        (c) The nature of the work;

    (4) An agency may refuse to accept persons under this program or to accept any particular person or persons sent by the court; 

    (5) The court shall maintain a list of agencies willing to accept and supervise persons sentenced under this program;

    (6) The court may contract, at no cost to the state or participant, with any public agency or nonprofit corporation or eleemosynary institution for the supervision of persons in the program;

    (7) No work performed under this program shall be deemed employment for any purpose nor shall the person performing such work be considered an employee;

    (8) Failure to complete the community labor ordered by the court, to perform diligently at that labor, or to pay the fee required shall constitute contempt of court and the court shall, in addition to any other remedy for contempt, reinstitute all penalties which were previously imposed but suspended or delayed pending completion of the community labor.