§ 5-65-121 Victim impact panel attendance-Fee

§ 5-65-121. Victim impact panel attendance--Fee

    (a)(1) A person whose driving privileges are suspended or revoked for violating § 5-65-103, § 5-65-205, § 5-65-303, § 5-65-310, or § 3-3-203 shall attend a victim impact panel sponsored by an organization approved by the Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention of the Department of Human Services.

        (2) The organization selected by the office shall be an organization that provides statewide services to victims of drunk driving.

    (b)(1) The organization approved by the office may collect a program fee of ten dollars ($10.00) per enrollee to offset program costs to be remitted to the organization.

        (2) The organization approved by the office shall provide proof of attendance and completion to the person required to attend the victim impact panel upon completion of the victim impact panel.