§ 5-65-311 Coordination with other laws

§ 5-65-311. Coordination with other laws

    (a) A penalty prescribed in this subchapter for underage driving under the influence is in addition to any other penalty prescribed by law for the offense under another law of the State of Arkansas.

    (b) For the purposes of this subchapter, there is no presumption, as there is found in § 5-65-206, that an underage person is not under the influence of an intoxicating substance, such as alcohol or a similar intoxicant, if the underage person's alcohol concentration is four hundredths (0.04) or less.

    (c) The following are the same for a chemical test or instrument used for testing breath or blood alcohol concentration under the Omnibus DWI Act, § 5-65-101 et seq: [FN1]

        (1) The administration of a chemical test for breath or blood alcohol;

        (2) The instrument used to administer the chemical test;

        (3) The procedure used to calibrate and maintain the instrument; and

        (4) The use of the chemical test results as evidence.

    (d) If there is evidence of an alcohol concentration of more than four-hundredths (0.04) but less than eight-hundredths (0.08) in an underage person's blood, breath, or other bodily substance, this fact does not preclude the underage person from being prosecuted for driving while intoxicated under the Omnibus DWI Act, § 5-65-101 et seq.
[FN1] Punctuation so in original.