§ 5-65-120 Restricted driving permit

§ 5-65-120. Restricted driving permit

    (a) Following an administrative hearing for suspension or revocation of a driver's license as provided for in § 5-65-402, or upon a request of a person whose privilege to drive has been denied or suspended, the Office of Driver Services or its designated agent may modify the denial or suspension in a case of extreme and unusual hardship by the issuance of a restricted driving permit when, upon a review of the person's driving record for a time period of five (5) years prior to the current denial, revocation, or suspension of driving privilege or a driver's license, at the discretion of the office or its designated agent it is determined that:

        (1) The person:

            (A) Is not a multiple traffic law offender; or

            (B) Does not present a threat to the general public; and

        (2) No other adequate means of transportation exists for the person except to allow driving in any of the following situations:

            (A) To and from the person's place of employment;

            (B) In the course of the person's employment;

            (C) To and from an educational institution for the purpose of attending a class if the person is enrolled and regularly attending a class at the institution;

            (D) To and from an alcohol education program or alcoholism treatment program for drunk drivers; or

            (E) To and from a hospital or clinic for medical treatment or care for an illness, disease, or other medical condition of the person or a family member.

    (b) The restricted driving permit shall state the specific times and circumstances under which driving is permitted.

    (c) The restricted driving permit shall not be granted to any person suspended for a second or subsequent offense of  violating § 5-65-103, § 5-65-205, § 5-65-303, or § 5-65-310.