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Wheaton DWI Attorneys Can Work with You

Need a qualified Wheaton DWI attorney? If you or someone you know has been arrested for drunk driving, it is important to take immediate action and work with a local Wheaton DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Do not wait to contact an attorney. Time is an important factor in DUI & DWI cases. Contact an experienced Wheaton DUI attorney today by filling out the questionnaire on this website. All initial consultations are free to you.

You cannot afford not to hire a local Wheaton DUI lawyer. A guilty plea will potentially cost you your freedom (jail time), your finances (thousands in fines by the government), and unbelievably high insurance rates (mandatory SR22 Insurance).

Even if you think you have a difficult case, do not plead guilty without speaking to a local Wheaton DUI attorney about your rights

Those who plead guilty without fighting the drunk driving charges against them automatically submit to being a criminal, and they face jail time, or suspension or revocation of their license, or steep fines, all of the above, or some combination thereof. You may be worried that the evidence against you will be difficult to overcome – but you should know that even strong evidence may be rebutted in a court of law. Skilled Wheaton DWI attorneys can challenge the validity of test results and the reliability of test methods that are supposed to determine whether a driver is intoxicated.

DUI Attorneys in Wheaton and You: Reasons to hire an experienced Wheaton DUI Attorney

DUI charges are difficult to deal with. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. To add to all your difficulties, the court system is truly stacked against those who are charged with a drunk driving infraction. Fortunately, there are local Wheaton DUI attorneys who can walk you through the system, all the while protecting your rights. Your local attorney likely has experience in the court system in which you are being charged. This familiarity with your court can be critical to getting you acquitted or having the charges reduced against you.

Under 21?Wheaton DUI defense attorneys for minors

Wheaton DWI defense lawyers for minors

DUI laws for Minors are tough. It is no secret that underage drivers face an uphill battle if arrested for DUI DWI in Illinois. Underage drunk driving charges place an incredible burden on a youth just starting out. A guilty charge results in a criminal history that, unfortunately, is seen by too many institutions – like employers, schools, and insurance companies. Criminal penalties for DUI and DWI are also incredibly stiff for those who are found guilty. Wheaton defense attorneys want to help you in this difficult time. Fill out the form on the left for a free consultation with an experienced Wheaton DWI defense attorney.

What is the scope of an experienced Wheaton defense lawyer’s services?

Usually, Wheaton defense attorneys can help their clients in a variety of criminal matters. These attorneys, who are often very versatile, are called by a number of titles, such as: Wheaton misdemeanor DUI attorney, Wheaton felony DWI attorney, Suspended License Attorney, Wheaton criminal defense attorney, and even Wheaton license suspension hearing attorney.

Wheaton DUI defense attorneys may assist you:

Negotiate a plea deal
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Appear at a Illinois license revocation hearing
Appear at a Illinois license suspension hearing
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Hire an investigator
Protect your rights
Challenge a blood test
Suppress test results
Suppress illegal evidence
Defend you in court
Seal your record
Get out of jail
Challenge sobriety tests

Costs of Retaining an Attorney: Wheaton DUI attorneys – how expensive are they?

Factors: Before hiring an attorney, it is always good to learn a bit about how attorneys charge their client (or how they should charge their clients). The two most important factors that determine your dui legal bill are (1) your attorney’s hourly rate, and (2) the facts of your case. Both are described below. It is important to remember that it is far better to pay a defense lawyer “up front” as opposed to paying enormously on the “back end” for criminal penalties and all the costs that flow from them.

Fee Structure: Your Wheaton DUI attorney may charge as little as $100 per hour, or he or she may be as expensive as $500 per hour. As your can see, hourly rates can vary widely. If you have an attorney who charges by the hour, it is advisable that you discuss your case in some detail during your free consultation, and then ask the attorney for an estimate of how many hours your case is likely to take.

Your Case: Telling the attorney your story is very important – especially when you are meeting your lawyer during the free initial consultation – when you are not paying for it! So, be sure to discuss the specific facts of your case, the specific facts surrounding your arrest, and the nature of the charges filed against you. Also, be sure to always tell the truth to your attorney.Lying can only hurt you. If the facts present unique or time intensive challenges, then your attorney will have to spend more time on your case – thereby making your legal representation more expensive.

Fees versus Expenses: Your hourly attorney fees may not comprise the whole bill. Be sure to discuss any additional “expenses” that may be necessary to pay for your defense, such as expert witness fees and court costs.

Bail Bonding Companies in and near Wheaton, Illinois

Billings Concepts Inc
450 Shepard Drive 9
Elgin, Illinois 60123
(847) 488-0123

Illinois Adhesive Bonding Inc
263 E 140th Pl
Dolton, Illinois 60419
(708) 841-5559

Traffic Courts in Dupage County, Illinois

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

Dupage County Circuit Court
505 County Farm Road, PO Box 707
Wheaton, Illinois 60189
(630) 407-8700

Juvenile Traffic Will be heard here:

Dupage County Circuit Court
505 County Farm Road, PO Box 707
Wheaton, Illinois 60189
(630) 407-8700

Criminal Courts in Dupage County, Illinois

Circuit Courts have general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases, with the exception of cases heard exclusively by the Court of Claims or the Illinois Supreme Court.  You would likely file your claim here:

Dupage County Circuit Court
505 County Farm Road, PO Box 707
Wheaton, Illinois 60189
(630) 407-8700

For juvenile offenses, the case will be heard here:

Dupage County Circuit Court
505 County Farm Road, PO Box 707
Wheaton, Illinois 60189
  (630) 407-8700

Drug Court in Dupage County, Illinois

TASC (Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities) is a not-for-profit organization that provides behavioral health recovery management services for individuals with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Through a specialized system of clinical case management, TASC initiates and motivates positive behavior change and long-term recovery for individuals in Illinois' criminal justice, corrections, juvenile justice, child welfare, and other public systems.

Dupage County Drug Court
Roosevelt Glen Corporate Center, Building 6, Suite 2
799 Roosevelt Road, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137
(630) 858-7400

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