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DUI or DWI is no laughing matter. If convicted, you can face serious jail time, fines, and other financial penalties, just to name a few. In many cases, those arrested for DUI and DWI have options they may otherwise be unaware of if they do not meet with an experienced Reading DWI lawyer. If you would like a free initial consultation, you can fill out the form on the left and an experienced Reading DUI attorney will contact you shortly. By working with an attorney you may be able to negotiate better terms or have the charges against you dropped.

The direct costs of pleading guilty for DUI DWI are extreme: jail time, and thousands of dollars in fines. Indirect costs can be even higher: higher insurance rates just to drive, SR22 Insurance requirements, etc.

Don’t lose hope: Speak to a qualified Reading DUI Attorney before you plead guilty and go to jail or pay a fine

If you think you are doing the smart thing by pleading guilty without first speaking to a local Reading DWI lawyer, think again. By pleading guilty to DWI laws in Pennsylvania, you agree to a criminal record, and you face the minimum sentencing – which means jail time, fines, suspension or revocation of license, all of the above, or some combination of those. You may be under the mistaken belief that the case against you is ironclad. Experienced DUI lawyers can challenge the evidence against you in many cases – even failed blood alcohol tests, failed field sobriety tests, etc. These tests are not always reliable. Often, they are administered improperly or illegally. Before you assume the worst, speak with an experienced Reading DWI attorney.

Local Reading DUI lawyers give you a leg up

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, then you understand the stress that comes with those charges. They literally cannot be described sufficiently unless you have or are going through that experience. Your financial freedom and your physical freedom really are on the line, and you are likely to lose your license some time if you are found guilty of violating the DUI laws of Pennsylvania. The DUI defense process is complex and carries serious consequences. Fortunately, there are local Reading DUI attorneys who can walk you through the system, all the while protecting your rights. Your local attorney likely has experience in the court system in which you are being charged. This familiarity with your court can be critical to getting you acquitted or having the charges reduced against you.

Under age and arrested for DWI?

Reading DWI defense lawyers – Reading DUI defense lawyers

If you are a minor that has been arrested for drunk driving in Pennsylvania, your entire future can be impacted for that one mistake. It is no secret that minors are sometimes unfairly targeted. Minors potentially face automatic license revocation, and automatic license suspension, just to begin with, if they are convicted. Minors who are found guilty also face difficult challenges going forward: finding a job, getting into school, insurance, etc. Add to that the criminal penalties associated with the charges, and the costs can be insurmountable. Get the help you need. Do not wait to contact a local Reading defense attorney today. Reading DWI defense attorneys on this site provide free initial consultations.

What does an experienced Reading defense lawyer do?

An experienced Reading defense attorney can usually help clients who face one or multiple criminal charges. These attorneys are often a jack of all trades in the criminal arena, and are usually referred to by a number of titles, for example: Reading Misdemeanor DWI lawyer, Reading felony DUI lawyer, Reading Suspended License Lawyer, Reading Criminal defense lawyer, etc.

Reading DUI defense lawyers potentially may assist you:


Negotiate a plea deal
Get out of jail
Appear at a Pennsylvania license revocation hearing
Defend you in court
Protect your rights
Suppress illegal evidence
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Suppress test results
Hire an investigator
Challenge sobriety tests
Seal your record
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Appear at a Pennsylvania license suspension hearing
Challenge a blood test


How much does drunk driving DUI lawyer in Reading charge?

Factors: The specific facts of your case and the attorney you choose are the two factors that ultimately determine how much your DUI lawyer in Reading will cost you. Defense attorneys are almost always a wise investment: don’t be fooled, a drunk driving criminal record is far more expensive than the expense of any Reading defense lawyer.

Fee Structure: Hourly rates for Reading lawyers who defend drunk driving charges can vary across the board. For example, some attorneys charge as little as $100 per hour, while other attorneys charge as much as $500 per hour. The hourly rate of your attorney does not always indicate the quality of your representation. Some lawyers provide their clients with representation for a flat fee. Whatever the arrangement you come to with your attorney, it is always helpful to ask your Reading DUI lawyer for an estimate. In many cases, it will be hard to get an exact estimate, but you can set some important boundaries while giving yourself a sense of control about your legal representation.

Your Case: Telling the attorney your story is very important – especially when you are meeting your lawyer during the free initial consultation – when you are not paying for it! So, be sure to discuss the specific facts of your case, the specific facts surrounding your arrest, and the nature of the charges filed against you. Also, be sure to always tell the truth to your attorney. Lying can only hurt you. If the facts present unique or time intensive challenges, then your attorney will have to spend more time on your case – thereby making your legal representation more expensive.

Fees versus Expenses: Please note that attorneys usually charge an additional fee for “expenses” for court costs and things like expert witnesses.


Bail Bonding Companies in and near Reading, Pennsylvania

Ace Bail Bonds
9 5th Street
Reading, Pennsylvania 19601
(610) 374-2007
ABC Bail Bonds
10 North 6th Street
Reading, Pennsylvania 19601
(610) 396-1000
A+ Bail Bonds
535 Court Street
Reading, Pennsylvania 19601
(484) 944-1512
Daly Bail Bonds
550 Court Street
Reading, Pennsylvania 19601
(610) 736-3211


Traffic Courts in Berks County, Pennsylvania

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

Berks County Magisterial District Court
414 Blair Avenue
Reading, Pennsylvania 19601
(610) 373-2127
Berks County Magisterial District Court
441 Morgantown Road
Reading, Pennsylvania 19611
(610) 375-7101
Berks County Magisterial District Court
10 Fairlane Road
Reading, Pennsylvania 19606
(610) 779-5137
Berks County Magisterial District Court
1150 Muhlenberg Street
Reading, Pennsylvania 19602
(610) 374-9288


Criminal Courts in Berks County, Pennsylvania

Major criminal cases in Pennsylvania, such as felonies, are heard by the Courts of Common Pleas.  The Court of Common Pleas in your county is here:

Berks County Court of Common Pleas
Berks County Courthouse, 633 Court Street
Reading, Pennsylvania 19601
(610) 478-6550


Other criminal matters, including certain DUI cases, certain third-degree misdemeanors and some ordinance violations, are heard by the Magisterial District Courts.  These courts may be found here:

Berks County Magisterial District Court
3607 Pottsville Pike
Reading, Pennsylvania 19605
(610) 929-4440
Berks County Magisterial District Court
Berks County Courthouse, 633 Court Street, First Floor
Reading, Pennsylvania 19601
(610) 478-6456
Berks County Magisterial District Court
101 North Ninth Street
Reading, Pennsylvania 19601
(610) 378-5101
Berks County Magisterial District Court
1259 North Tenth Street
Reading, Pennsylvania 19604
(610) 373-4424









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