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Arrested for DWI or DUI? Fort Collins, Colorado DWI Attorneys Can Help

Are you potentially facing losing your license, or going to jail, or paying severe penalties because of a DUI arrest in Fort Collins, Colorado? Take immediate action today and contact an experienced Fort Collins DWI attorney. You have a right to representation. Under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty. The county has an entire system prosecuting you: the police, the attorneys, and lab technicians – put someone on your side. By working with a qualified Fort Collins DUI lawyer, you will have the benefit of a trained professional fighting for your rights. Before you plead guilty, it is important to speak with a qualified professional. Fill out the form on the left. Initial consultations are free.

You cannot afford not to hire a local Fort Collins DUI lawyer. A guilty plea will potentially cost you your freedom (jail time), your finances (thousands in fines by the government), and unbelievably high insurance rates (mandatory SR22 Insurance).

Fort Collins DUI lawyers can help even those who have very difficult cases

DWI charges are understandably very intimidating. Many feel they have to plead guilty to achieve the best outcome. Please know that this is not always the case – and in many cases, a guilty plea can lead you to a terrible outcome. If you fall into this category, to avoid the harsh penalties for DWI in Colorado, you will need to fight the charges. That is why it is important to speak to a qualified Fort Collins DUI attorney about your case. Skilled Fort Collins, Colorado DWI lawyers have experience challenging what may otherwise be considered strong evidence against you. A seasoned attorney attacks the sufficiency and legality of the BAC tests employed against you, as well as the circumstances in which they were administered to you at the time of your arrest. Often, your attorney can use experts to dismantle the prosecutor’s case against you.

Reasons to Hire a Local Fort Collins DUI Attorney

It is never wise to try to handle a DUI charge on your own. The local judicial process is also extremely infuriating to deal with if you do not have a legal background. Unfortunately, the government does not design the system in a way that allows people to help themselves. To handle your case, it is highly recommended that you hire a local Fort Collins DUI attorney to help you in this difficult time. Considering the seriousness of the charge against you, it is important to be able to benefit from the local courtroom experience that a local experienced Fort Collins DUI lawyer brings to the table.

Looking for a seasoned Fort Collins DWI defense attorney to represent your underage son or daughter?

Fort Collins DWI defense lawyers & Fort Collins DUI defense lawyers for minors

It is easy to make a mistake when you are underage. DWI laws in Colorado are very strict as applied to minors. Underage drunk driving charges place an incredible burden on a youth just starting out. A guilty charge results in a criminal history that, unfortunately, is seen by too many institutions – like employers, schools, and insurance companies. Criminal penalties for DUI and DWI are also incredibly stiff for those who are found guilty. Fort Collins defense attorneys want to help you in this difficult time. Fill out the form on the left for a free consultation with an experienced Fort Collins DWI defense attorney.

What is the scope of an experienced Fort Collins defense lawyer’s services?

An experienced Fort Collins defense attorney can usually help clients who face one or multiple criminal charges. These attorneys are often a jack of all trades in the criminal arena, and are usually referred to by a number of titles, for example: Fort Collins Misdemeanor DWI lawyer, Fort Collins felony DUI lawyer, Fort Collins Suspended License Lawyer, Fort Collins Criminal defense lawyer, etc.

Fort Collins DWI defense attorneys may help with the following:

Protect your rights
Challenge a blood test
Seal your record
Negotiate a plea deal
Suppress illegal evidence
Defend you in court
Hire an investigator
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Suppress test results
Get out of jail
Appear at a Colorado license revocation hearing
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Appear at a Colorado license suspension hearing

DUI attorneys in Fort Collins, Colorado probably do not cost as much as you might believe

Factors: A common question is how much does a local Fort Collins DUI drunk driving attorney cost to hire? It can vary widely depending on your circumstances. This section provides some useful tips to make you a more savvy client. The extent of your bill usually revolves around two factors: (1) the circumstances surrounding your drunk driving arrest and your record, and (2) whether your attorney works for a flat rate versus an hourly rate.

Fee Structure: Hourly rates run the gamut for Fort Collins DUI defense trial attorneys. The range runs from $100 to around $500 per hour. In some instances, DUI lawyers will provide their services for a flat fee. If you have an attorney who charges by the hour, it is advisable that you discuss your case in some detail during your free consultation, and then ask the attorney for an estimate of how many hours your case is likely to take.

Your Case: Is my case more expensive than the typical case? Of course, that will depend on how involved your case is – in other words: the amount of time your attorney will need to devote to your case directly correlates to your legal costs. This can occur, for example, when you need to appeal a decision, or if your case requires the use of expert witnesses, just to name a few. Be sure that you maximize the time with your attorney that is routine: do not be late for meetings, be concise and think about the facts of your case before you meet with your attorney, and always tell the truth about your circumstances and the facts of your dui case.

Fees versus Expenses: Please note that attorneys usually charge an additional fee for “expenses” for court costs and things like expert witnesses.

Bail Bonding Companies in and near Fort Collins, Colorado

All Day All Night Bail Bonding
3167 East Eisenhower Boulevard
Loveland, Colorado 80537
(866) 482-9352

A-1 Bail Bonds
2161 9th Avenue
Greeley, Colorado 80631
(970) 352-2777

Bail America
500 East Oak Street
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
(970) 482-2245

Speedy Release
1595 Folsom Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302
(303) 444-8855

Traffic Courts in Larimer County, Colorado

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

County Court of Larimer County
201 La Porte Avenue Suite 100
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
(970) 498-6100

Fort Collins Municipal Court
215 North Mason Street
Fort Collins, Colorado 80522
(970) 221-6800

If you wish to appeal this ticket you may do so here:

Larimer County District Court
201 La Porte Avenue, Suite 100
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
(970) 498-6100

Criminal Courts in Larimer County, Colorado

If you are being charged with any criminal offense, your case may be here:

Larimer County District Court
201 La Porte Avenue, Suite 100
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
(970) 498-6100

If you are being charged with a misdemeanor, or seeking a protection order, your case may also be here:

County Court of Larimer County
201 La Porte Avenue, Suite 100
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
(970) 498-6100

If you wish to appeal your criminal conviction from a county court, you will file your appeal here:

Larimer County District Court
201 La Porte Avenue, Suite 100
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
(970) 498-6100

Fort Collins DUI atttorneys serve clients throughout Northern Colorado, including Arvada, Aurora, Bellvue, Berthoud, Boulder, Brighton, Denver, Erie, Evans, Firestone, Fort Collins, Fort Lupton, Gilcrest, Greeley, Horsetooth Heights, Hudson, Lafayette, Lakewood, Longmont, Loveland, Platteville, Redmond, Timnath, Wellington, Westminster, Windsor, and other communities in Larimer County.