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A DUI or DWI is a serious offense. You could face fines, jail time, or lose your license, or face increased insurance rates, just to name a few. Most people are unaware that they may have defenses to the charges against them. That is why it is always important to contact an experienced Cape Coral DUI lawyer. Many people needlessly plead guilty hoping for some leniency from the judge. Often, an experienced Cape Coral DUI attorney can help you obtain a better result: potentially saving you time, money, your freedom, not to mention your reputation in the community. The consequences of not hiring a qualified Cape Coral DUI lawyer are too high. Everyone has a right to defend themselves until proven guilty. Contact a serious Cape Coral DUI DWI attorney by filling out the questionnaire on the left.

Criminal penalties for drunk driving in Florida are only the tip of the iceberg. One example: if convicted of DUI DWI, you will likely face extremely high insurance rates because you will have to purchase SR22 insurance coverage just to drive.

Is the evidence against you strong? Don’t give up. Call your Cape Coral DUI lawyer before you plead guilty!

Pleading guilty to drunk driving laws in Florida without first speaking to an experienced Cape Coral DUI lawyer is not in your best interest. If you plead guilty without exhausting your options, then you forfeit your right to defend yourself, you agree to have a criminal record, and you will be given the minimum sentence, fines, and other penalties that accompany a drunk driving charge. Even if you believe the odds are stacked against you: a failed breathalyzer test, a failed blood test, or a failed field sobriety test, your Cape Coral DUI attorney can, in many cases, challenge the sufficiency of these test results in open court. Often, a skilled attorney can discover that the test was administered illegally or inadequately in appropriate circumstances.

Reasons to Hire a Local Cape Coral DUI Attorney

Drunk driving charges can be crippling financially and emotionally. In the blink of an eye, your life can be ruined for a single mistake at the wheel. The local system for fighting those drunk driving charges can be nightmare for the average person not acquainted with the different courts (traffic courts, administrative courts, and criminal courts), the DUI DWI laws in Florida, and the local legal system. Fortunately, there are local Cape Coral DUI attorneys who can walk you through the system, all the while protecting your rights. The experience that a local DUI Cape Coral lawyer brings to the table is unmistakable. An experienced local attorney has likely worked with the court in which you face charges. That means that he or she has worked with the local prosecutor’s office and the local judges. This kind of experience is highly important to getting you an advantage when fighting the charges against you.

DWI defense for minors?

Cape Coral DWI defense lawyers – Cape Coral DUI defense lawyers

If you are a minor that has been arrested for drunk driving in Florida, your entire future can be impacted for that one mistake. It is no secret that minors are sometimes unfairly targeted. Minors are too young to face the societal impediments placed on them by a drunk driving charge. The consequences of pleading guilty, unfortunately, can hold a good kid back – all because of one bad decision. By meeting with an experienced Cape Coral DWI lawyer, you have nothing to lose. A local Cape Coral defense lawyer can help you. Fill out the form today, you have everything to gain. All Cape Coral DWI defense attorneys on this site provide free initial consultations.

Cape Coral defense lawyers: Scope of Services

A local Cape Coral defense attorney is usually experienced in many different arenas of criminal defense. These attorneys are often referred to by multiple names: Cape Coral misdemeanor DWI attorney, Cape Coral felony DUI attorney, Suspended License Attorney, Cape Coral criminal defense attorney, and even Cape Coral license suspension hearing attorney.

Cape Coral DUI defense attorneys may assist you

Secure Bail / Post Bail
Hire an investigator
Suppress test results
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Negotiate a plea deal
Appear at a Florida license suspension hearing
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Protect your rights
Appear at a Florida license revocation hearing
Challenge sobriety tests
Suppress illegal evidence
Get out of jail
Defend you in court
Seal your record
Challenge a blood test

Aren’t DUI lawyers expensive?

Factors:You may be wondering how much a local Cape Coral DUI attorney costs. It can vary widely. However, there are two main factors that are ultimately determinative: (1) your particular circumstances (gravity of the charges, prior convictions, facts surrounding your arrest, etc.) and (2) your attorney’s billing structure. Helpful note: defense attorneys are almost always a wise investment; don’t be fooled, a drunk driving criminal record is far more expensive than the expense of any Cape Coral defense lawyer.

Fee Structure: Cape Coral DUI lawyers usually charge an hourly rate. That rate can vary between around $100 up to $500 per hour. In some cases, you may be able to negotiate a lump sum rate for your representation. Remember, just because one DUI attorney charges less per hour than another DUI lawyer does not necessarily mean that they will ultimately cost you less money. Tip: Try to get an estimate of the number of hours it takes to handle a case like yours.

Your Case: always tell your Cape Coral DUI lawyer the truth about yourself and your case. Failing to do so will only cost you money and potentially your freedom in the long run. If the facts of your case present unique challenges, then it may take more time to handle your case – thereby making it more expensive to defend you in court.To help with these costs, be sure to be ready to discuss all the details surrounding your arrest during your free initial consultation. That way, you have utilized free time to discuss facts that would otherwise take you money and additional time to recite to your legal counsel.

Fees versus Expenses: Be sure to ask your lawyer if his or her fees include “expenses” like court costs and expert witnesses. In many cases a lawyer’s fees to do not include these things – which is quite customary depending on your case.

Bail Bonding Companies in and near Cape Coral, Florida

A Way Out Bail Bonds Inc
2016 Jackson Street
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
(239) 628-1888
Lidia Aulen Bail Bonds
1617 Hendry Street 403
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
(239) 332-2663
A Allstate Bail Bonds
2243 Cleveland Avenue
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
(239) 332-7516
1st Exit Bail Bonds
329 East Virginia Avenue
Punta Gorda, Florida 33950
(941) 347-8814

Traffic Courts in Lee County, Florida

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:
If you wish to appeal this ticket you may do so here:

County Court of Lee County  
Lee County Justice Center
1700 Monroe Street
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
 (239) 533-5000 
County Court of Lee County
Lee County Government Center
1039 Southeast 9th Place  
Cape Coral, Florida 33990  
(239) 533-5000

Criminal Courts in Lee County, Florida

If you are being charged with a felony, your claim will be here:

Lee County Court
Administration Building  
2115 Southeast Second Street
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
(239) 533-5000
Lee County Court
Justice Center Annex Building
2000 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
(239) 533-5000

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