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Have you or someone you know been arrested for drunk driving? Consequences of violating laws for drunk driving can be severe. It is important to speak with an experienced Altoona DUI / DWI lawyer. Protect your rights by contacting a qualified Altoona DWI lawyer today. The police and prosecutor must prove you are guilty in a court of law before you may be fined, sentenced, have your license revoked, etc. Do not plead guilty without first speaking with an experienced Altoona DUI attorney. You can reach a qualified Altoona DUI / DWI lawyer by completing the questionnaire on the left. All initial consultations are free.

Those who are found guilty of violating the law for DUI in Pennsylvania face DUI penalties that are far more expensive than the cost of any attorney: jail time, thousands in fines, and mandatory SR22 Insurance.

Don’t give up and plead guilty – Speak to a local Altoona DUI lawyer before you do anything

If you plead guilty to drunk driving charges in Pennsylvania, you are sure to spend time in jail or pay a fine, or both, just for starters. You also forfeit the right to contest your case. You can also have your license suspended or revoked permanently. Often, police officers are vigilant about how they feel regarding the evidence they have against a purported violator of the dui laws. You may mistakenly feel the case against you is ironclad. Always get an opinion from your Altoona DWI attorney before you form any impression about your case. Skilled attorneys can challenge negative BAC test results, and failed field sobriety tests. The strength of the drunk driving charges can change dramatically once you enter into the courtroom with an experienced Altoona DWI lawyer.

Do not take chances with your freedom – Hire a local Altoona DUI attorney

DUI charges are difficult to deal with. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. The bureaucratic requirements that follow from DUI charges can be difficult to navigate through. Your Altoona DUI lawyer can help you through the process. From finding a bail bonding company, to showing up to your arraignment, through representing you in negotiation and at trial (if needed), an experienced Altoona DUI attorney can manage your case in this difficult time. Let a local Altoona DUI lawyer fight for you – let him or her handle the judicial process: the court system, the judges, witnesses, prosecutors, jury, and anyone else that may become entangled in your matter.

Minor in violation of DWI laws in Pennsylvania?

Altoona DWI defense lawyers & Altoona DUI defense lawyers for Minors

One slip-up is all that it takes when you are a minor. Underage DWI laws in Pennsylvania are no laughing matter, and they carry serious implications if not defended appropriately. A conviction for underage drunk driving is costly for the whole family. Minors have their entire life ahead of them – a DUI DWI conviction can negatively impact you in ways beyond criminal fines and jail time, like: job prospects, school entrance, social life, and insurance, just to name a few. A local Altoona defense lawyer can help you. Fill out the form today, you have everything to gain. All Altoona DWI defense attorneys on this site provide free initial consultations.

What is the scope of an experienced Altoona defense lawyer’s services?

Usually, Altoona defense attorneys can help their clients in a variety of criminal matters. These attorneys, who are often very versatile, are called by a number of titles, such as: Altoona misdemeanor DUI attorney, Altoona felony DWI attorney, Suspended License Attorney, Altoona criminal defense attorney, and even Altoona license suspension hearing attorney.

Altoona DWI defense attorneys may help with the following:

Negotiate a plea deal
Protect your rights
Suppress illegal evidence
Challenge sobriety tests
Secure Bail / Post Bail
Reduce the drunk driving charges filed against you
Suppress test results
Appear at a Pennsylvania license revocation hearing
Appear at a Pennsylvania license suspension hearing
Defend you in court
Seal your record
Challenge a breathalyzer test
Hire an investigator
Challenge a blood test
Get out of jail

DUI attorneys in Altoona, Pennsylvania probably do not cost as much as you might believe

Factors: The facts surrounding your DUI arrest and your particular circumstances, coupled with the rate your attorney charges are the two factors that determine how much your DUI legal representation will cost you. Keep this in mind the following: a drunk driving criminal record is far more expensive than the expense of any Altoona defense lawyer.

Fee Structure: your Altoona drunk driving lawyer makes his or her fees by either charging an hourly rate or by charging a lump sum fee. Hour rates can vary between $100 per hour up to around $500 per hour. Be sure to get an estimate of the number of hours that it should take to conclude your case. This step can be essential to helping you work with your attorney by setting yours and your attorney’s expectations.

Your Case: Be ready to expect your legal bill to be commensurate with the amount of time it takes to handle your case. Clients can save substantially on their legal bill by being easy to work with. For example, always come prepared when meeting with your Altoona DUI lawyer. That means: gather all pertinent information, be ready to recall the facts of your case in detail, have phone numbers and contact info for those who can attest to your facts before you step into an attorney’s office, etc. The more prepared you are, the easier time your attorney will have, and the more time he or she will save. That can mean big savings to you.

Fees versus Expenses: Lastly, be mindful that your attorney will charge an additional fee for “expenses” such as court costs and expert fees that are apart from his or her hourly rate.

Bail Bonding Companies in and near Altoona, Pennsylvania

Bail USA Inc
2027 Bellmeade Drive
Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602
(814) 942-4817

A A Bail Bondsman
322 9th Street
Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602
(814) 942-7337
Cambria Bail Bonds
631 Main Street
Portage, Pennsylvania 15946
(814) 736-9709

Bail USA
3828 Watson Highway
DuBois, Pennsylvania 15801
(814) 375-4504

Traffic Courts in Blair County, Pennsylvania

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, your case will be heard in one of the following places:

Blair County Magisterial District Court
615 Fourth Street
Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602
(814) 942-6421
Blair County Magisterial District Court
5929 California Avenue
Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602
(814) 944-4371

Other Magisterial Courts in Blair County include:

Blair County Magisterial District Court
5628 East Pleasant Valley Boulevard
Tyrone, Pennsylvania 16686
(814) 684-4617
Blair County Magisterial District Court
311 Union Street
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 16648
(814) 693-3210

If you wish to appeal this ticket you may do so here:

Blair County Court of Common Pleas
Blair County Courthouse, 423 Allegheny Street
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 16648
(814) 693-3080

Criminal Courts in Blair County, Pennsylvania

Major criminal cases in Pennsylvania, such as felonies, are heard by the Courts of Common Pleas. The Court of Common Pleas in your county is here:

Blair County Court of Common Pleas
Blair County Courthouse, 423 Allegheny Street
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 16648
(814) 693-3080

Other criminal matters, including certain DUI cases, certain third-degree misdemeanors and some ordinance violations, are heard by the Magisterial District Courts. The Magisterial Courts in Altoona are here:

Blair County Magisterial District Court
2601 Fifth Avenue
Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602
(814) 941-4550
Blair County Magisterial District Court
705 Eighth Avenue
Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602
(814) 942-7240

Other Magisterial Courts in Blair County include:

Blair County Magisterial District Court
311 Union Street
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 16648
(814) 693-3210
Blair County Magisterial District Court
800 East Main Street
Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania 16673
(814) 224-4168


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